Transfer Credit for Incoming Students

  1. Transcripts will be evaluated after the student has been admitted to the college. 
  2. Evaluation of transfer credit is based on a student’s program of study at Wallace State. Only transfer courses that are applicable to a student’s program of study are considered for transfer credit. 
  3. Only official transcripts will be evaluated for transfer credit. Student copies will not be utilized for evaluation of official transfer credit. 
  4. A grade of “D” may transfer if the cumulative GPA is 2.0 or above at the time of admission. 
  5. The grade of “D” may only be applied to general education courses for the Associate’s Degree unless program restrictions or course prerequisites prohibit. See Course Descriptions and Abbreviations for specific prerequisite requirements. 
  6. All major required courses require a grade of “C” or higher for successful course completion. 
  7. No graduate level or pass/fail courses may transfer. 
  8. Courses taken under a quarter or trimester system will be evaluated and adjusted to the semester system. 
  9. Students inquiring about the application of transfer credit should complete a Re-Evaluation of Transfer Credit Request available on the Admissions section of the website or available at Lion Central in the Bailey Center.